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Density Kit

Density Kit - Density Cubes, Set of 6 Metals, 0.4
Density Cubes, Set of 6 Metals, 0.4" (10mm) sides - Brass, Lead, Iron, Copper, Aluminum, Zinc - For use with Density, Specific Gravity Activities - Eisco

Density Kit

This item is a part of the Eisco Labs Density Investigation series. The Eisco Lab Density Investigation series is designed to help students identify and figure out mass, understand the relationship between mass/volume/density, understand specific heat and specific gravity, and other introductory physics and chemistry concepts. While not all activities have instructions available, most are able to used with most standard density and specific gravity experiments. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding your set.

  • Brand: EISCO
  • ASIN: B0108XKPNK
  • UPC: 849230036522
Density Kit - ETA hand2mind Equal Mass Materials (Set of 5)
ETA hand2mind Equal Mass Materials (Set of

Density Kit

This 5 piece set consists of a variety of cylindrical specimens for density studies. This is an excellent item to explore the relationship between mass, density, and volume. Cylindrical specimens in this set include one of each of the following: brass, aluminum, nylon, PVC, and clear acrylic. Each cylinder has the same mass (16g) and the same diameter (1/2”), but varies in length. The lengths of each cylinder, (brass- .60”, aluminum- 1.84”, nylon- 3.46”, PVC- 3.55”, acrylic- 4.28”) were chosen so that each piece will have the same mass.

  • Brand: ETA hand2mind
  • ASIN: B008AK6AX8
  • UPC: 084885001178
Density Kit - United Scientific DCSET10 Density Cube Set, 10 Cubes
United Scientific DCSET10 Density Cube Set, 10

Density Kit

The United Scientific DCSET10 density block set is suitable for use in science experiments involving density. The 1" block set includes acrylic, oak, pine, poplar, steel, aluminum, copper, brass, nylon, and PVC cubes.United Scientific Supplies manufactures laboratory supplies and science education products. The company, founded in 1992, is headquartered in Waukegan, IL.What's in the Box?(10) Density blocksWooden case

  • Brand: United Scientific Supplies
  • ASIN: B00ET6H38S
Density Kit - Density Identification Set, 12 piece
Density Identification Set, 12

Density Kit

This Density Identification Set consists of 12 1/2 inch cylinders of varying length and of differing materials. The set comes in an attractive and durable wood storage block. Challenge yourself or your students to identify each material based on its density or specific gravity.

  • Brand: Supertek
  • ASIN: B01N5B0KOY
  • UPC: 656727851267
Density Kit - Steel Sphere Density Kit
Steel Sphere Density Kit

Density Kit

How are they the same?How are they different? One floats and one doesn't! Which is which?Great for teaching the skills of observation and deduction! Although these two shiny, metal spheres have about the same mass, one has a diameter of 2.86 cm and the other a diameter of 12.7 cm making their densities vastly different. Seeing the large one float in water seems unbelievable! Students can't put these down. Great for teaching that density depends on BOTH mass and volume. Another NSTA best seller! Bowl not included. Read more on our Blog!

  • Brand: Educational Innovations
  • ASIN: B008MB1NX2
Density Kit - Liquid Urethane Rigid Pour Foam 2 Lb Density - 1/2 Gallon Kits - 1 Gallon Total
Liquid Urethane Rigid Pour Foam 2 Lb Density - 1/2 Gallon Kits - 1 Gallon

Density Kit

Picking Density of Gallon Kits Our kits at Morris Materials weigh more than any other gallon kits on the market from other sellers. A total of 9.5 lbs. This is the Best Value Listed. Part A, total of 5 lbs Part B, total of 4.5 lbs. Your formula for finished product is measured in cubic feet and is figured by the lbs of the material divided by density of the foam. 2 lb foam is 9.5/2 = 4.75 cubic feet 3 lb foam is 9.5/3 = 3.16 cubic feet. Applications Floats, Sporting goods, Thermal insulation, Structural forms, Furniture, Crown molding, Panels, Carving foam, Flotation devices, and Taxidermy Foam Type These foams 2 lb and 3 lbs density are Rigid closed cell foams. Lighter density foam have more open cells than higher density foam. Basically the higher the density, the more closed cells. This is intended for pour foam only. If you are looking for a different density or different volumes please contact me. We can offer the best value. Mixing Mix equal parts, Part A is more dense and weighs more. So it is easiest to measure equal parts. Stir till creamy for 30 seconds, and then get your mix in place quickly. Ideal temperature is 70 degrees, any warmer and your reaction time is quicker and will not give accurate density per cubic foot. There are more mixing instructions on label. Stora...

  • UPC: 639112698258
Density Kit - Poly Density Kit
Poly Density Kit

Density Kit

By Polymer Ambassador, Lynn HigginsWhen the 1L bottle is shaken, blue and white beads mix as expected. However, when allowed to settle, the beads separate, white at the top and blue at the bottom. Then, the two separated colored beads slowly come together in the center of the liquid. How often do you see something floating in the middle of the liquid? Great for illustrating so many concepts: solubility, density, miscibility, the salting out effect... Spontaneous order from disorder! Isn't this a violation of The Second Law?? (Rubbing alcohol not included.)

  • Brand: Educational Innovations
  • ASIN: B008MB1OMW
Density Kit - Trideer 45-85cm Exercise Ball, Birthing Ball, Yoga Pilate Fitness Balance Ball lug Kit, Anti-Slip & Anti-Burst, 2000lbs Extra Thick Core Cross Training Ball (Silver, 65cm)
Trideer 45-85cm Exercise Ball, Birthing Ball, Yoga Pilate Fitness Balance Ball lug Kit, Anti-Slip & Anti-Burst, 2000lbs Extra Thick Core Cross Training Ball (Silver,

Density Kit

Trideer ball is very versatile. You can use it as part of your Yoga, Pilates. By using our ball you will be helping your body feel and perform better. 1. Your exercise fitness ball in everyday life Our balls are used in many areas of sport and daily life. The balls afford an important role in the treatment of back problems and the gentle muscle building in the area of physiotherapy. A targeted workout with a gymnastics ball replaces the visit to the gym in many cases. 2. The main focus of the training with gymnastics balls is in the body core. This mainly consists of the deep abdominal, back and pelvic floor muscles. In the "wiggle" on the ball, a whole-body training takes place, which stresses its entire musculature and at the same time spares its joints. Inflation Notice: 1. How to inflate the exercise ball - Allow Ball to reach room temperature before inflating. - Insert the pump into the ball's air valve and work the pump, airing up the ball. - Stop inflating when the ball reaches the level of the mark. Your ball is now ready to use. Do not over inflate. - Ball may not inflate to 100% of size on initial inflation. Due to the Ball's material, it will increase to proper size with second inflation. 2. How to deflate the exercise ball - Remove the valve stem cover with the ...

  • Color: Silver
  • Brand: Trideer
  • ASIN: B01GE7F3SG
  • UPC: 608560538935
Density Kit - GreenVacShop 2+1 Pack Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away NV500, NV501, NV502, NV503, NV505, NV510, NV520, NV552, UV560 Replacement Filter Set, 2 Foam+2 Felt+1 HEPA Filters, XFF500 XHF500
GreenVacShop 2+1 Pack Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away NV500, NV501, NV502, NV503, NV505, NV510, NV520, NV552, UV560 Replacement Filter Set, 2 Foam+2 Felt+1 HEPA Filters, XFF500

Density Kit

GreenVacShop offers a filter set of 2 Foam + 2 Felt + 1 HEPA Filters for Shark Rotator Pro Lift-Away vacuum models NV500, NV501, NV502, NV503, NV505, NV510, NV520, NV552, UV560, designed to replace Shark Part # XFF500 and XHF500. Our filters, identical to the ones you'll find with your Shark vacuum, will be your go-to solution for filter replacements. They are a cost effective set of 2+2+1 Felt/Foam/HEPA filters, that are super easy to use & clean. Keep Your House Truly Clean For Your Family & Loved Ones Our replacement filters for Parts # Shark XFF500 and XHF500, feature 2 quality foam filters with 60 PPI density, 2 premium felt filters that are ultra-thick with a textured surface, and 1 HEPA filter with H12 efficiency to capture as much allergens as possible! A New & Clean Filter Is The Secret To A Well Working Vacuum You simply HAVE to remember to change your foam/felt filter every 3 months and your HEPA filter every 6 months, otherwise your vacuum will lose suction and won't clean efficiently! Throw away your old clogged and dirty filters and replace them with our quality set of 5 filters in total (2 Foam + 2 Felt + 1 HEPA) and take care of your vacuum, your house & family. Our set of replacement filters for Shark Rotator Pro Lift-Away, are WASHABLE and REUSABLE....

  • Color: White
  • Brand: GreenVacShop
  • UPC: 742574468502

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