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Dice Ipod Interface

Dice Ipod Interface - DICE i-Toyota-R-5v iPod Integration Kit for Toyota, Lexus and Scion
DICE i-Toyota-R-5v iPod Integration Kit for Toyota, Lexus and

Dice Ipod Interface

The DICE i-Toyota-R-5v iPod Integration Kit for Toyota, Lexus and Scion is a factory iPod intergration kit that gives CD quality sound. It can be controlled from the ipod, radio and steering wheel. Extra auxiliary input included. Connect your iPod to your Toyota's factory entertainment system and hear what your iPod should sound like in your car. Always keeps your iPod charged and ready to go. Radios supporting text will also display text from your iPod allowing you to view song title and artist name right on your radio's display. Features: • Charges the iPod • Direct audio from your iPod to your car radio. • Controls the iPod from the radio controls. • Displays iPod text on the radio display. • Will work with in-dash CD changers that are part of the main radio. • Gives you an extra audio input as well as the iPod interface. • Compatible with factory navigation systems.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Dice
  • ASIN: B002Q4U7CY
  • UPC: 878128000079
Dice Ipod Interface - DICE i-FM-RDS Basic Universal iPod to Car Stereo Interface with Text Display (Self-Install)
DICE i-FM-RDS Basic Universal iPod to Car Stereo Interface with Text Display

Dice Ipod Interface

For those craving Deeper Bass and Sharper Highs in your iPod experience, this i-FM-RDS Basic (Self-Install) kit by Dice Electronics is your quick quality solution for playing your iPod over your vehicles radio. The i-FM-RDS Basic kit includes a self-install cable that connects to the standard 12V DC outlet of any car. Unlike FM transmitters, this kit provides a VERY high-quality FM modulator that connects your iPod to your factory or aftermarket radio through the 12V DC outlet, using FM to feed its signal. FM transmitters send their signal wirelessly and as a result you normally get constant bleed over from strong radio stations and overall marginal sound quality. However, with the i-FM-RDS Basic you get the best FM quality sound provided from any FM transmitter available, plus Artist and Title information is displayed on the radio display panel (with radios that support RDS-text); Powers/Charges your iPod; and offer user control from the iPod buttons and click wheel - ALL from one Self-Install cable. And no worries, you can still use your regular radio and tune through all the stations with the iPod disconnected. The i-FM-RDS BASIC (Self-Install) kit is compatible with all iPod models. About RDS: Radios with RDS capability allow the currently playing song title and artist name t...

  • Brand: Dice
  • ASIN: B002ECE8I2
  • UPC: 878128000185
Dice Ipod Interface - New Bmw Bluetooth Streaming Usb Adapter Kit Module for Android Apple Iphone Ipod
New Bmw Bluetooth Streaming Usb Adapter Kit Module for Android Apple Iphone

Dice Ipod Interface

Features: Unlock your BMW audio system streaming capability, no more wires dangling across your lap or console. Adapter can be paired to any bluetooth enabled device, such as mobile phone, laptops, tablets, and ipods Freedom from ugly wires running in your car. Instructions for use: Insert the adapter/dongle into usb interface and insert the 3.5mm audio cable into the AUX jack. Open the Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone (or computer), and search the surrounding Bluetooth devices to find a device called PT-music and then its' pairing code is 0000, after the pairing is successful, the led light will slow down Select the audio source from your wireless device such as I-tunes, pandora, or I-heart radio and begin streaming. Specifications: Bluetooth Standard: Bluetooth V2.0+EDR, support A2DP V1.2 Power supply: 5V USB Output: 3.5mm Audio interface Distance: 5-10 meters Sound output rate: 44.1KHZ and 48KHZ Size: 55mm x 20 mm x 10mm Package included: 1 x USB Bluetooth BMW adapter 1 x 3.5mm Audio Transfer Cable

  • UPC: 635341345000
Dice Ipod Interface - 3.5mm Aux Audio Input Adapter Interface to Factory Radio for select Mazda Vehicles
3.5mm Aux Audio Input Adapter Interface to Factory Radio for select Mazda

Dice Ipod Interface

Add a 3.5mm audio input into your factory car stereo. This adapter is an auxilary audio input adapter that will let your Zune, iPod, MP3 Player or any device that has a 3.5mm audio output be played through the factory stereo system. All controls will have to be done on the device you are connecting. CD quality sound- static free clear audio sound. Connection is done at the back of the radio. Works with single and 6 disc radios. Radio has to be external cd changer compatible- identified as a cd changer port in back of radio. Anything connected to the port including factory external cd changer or satellite radio will have to be disconnected. Mazda 3 2003-2008 (*) Mazda 5 2005-2008 Mazda 6 2003-2008 (04 may require change on the radio) Mazda Miata MX5 2002-2008 Mazda MPV 2002-2008 Mazda Protege 2002-2003 Mazda RX-8 2004-2008 (radio firmware v9.55 or later /v10.1 and v9.81 not supported/) Mazda Tribute 2002-2006 Mazda B-series 2003-2008 (not navigation) * Not compatible with MP3 stereo

  • Brand: Audiobaxics
  • UPC: 027132755264
Dice Ipod Interface - Dice UNI-150-PRO FM Direct Modulator with RDS Text
Dice UNI-150-PRO FM Direct Modulator with RDS

Dice Ipod Interface

Featuring fully digital FM modulation, the Universal Integration kit for iPod delivers static free, crystal clear sound quality. This is not an FM transmitter! This is the ultimate iPod integration solution for any vehicle that is not supported by a car specific integration kit. The interface is connected directly to the vehicle’s radio completely eliminating any unwanted noise. Through RDS technology, the song and artist name show up right on the screen of RDS capable radios and in certain vehicles even on the instrument cluster. Noise Free, Digital Circuitry: Hard-wired and fully digital audio path from the iPod to the FM modulator chip offers high quality noise-free sound. Easy Installation: Simple in-line connection with vehicle radio. Simple wiring harness with minimal splicing required. RDS Text Display: Song title, artist and album are shown on the head unit’s display using RDS technology. Direct Control from iPod: The iPod remains unlocked for a quick and familiar way to browse for content.

  • Brand: Dice
  • ASIN: B004QZA7WQ
  • UPC: 878128003407
Dice Ipod Interface - Dension Gateway 500 MOST GW51MO2
Dension Gateway 500 MOST

Dice Ipod Interface

The Gateway 500 MOST is the premium Dension systems Gateway product allowing full iPod and USB browsing. The device controls on-board equipment built on the MOST bus. Gateway 500 emulates a CD changer and uses CD changer controls to access off-board audio sources including iPod/ iPhone, USB devices and Dension Gateway accessories. Special note for BMW owners: to be able to display and browse through the song titles, it is necessary to have the BMW "MP3 Retrofit" software option programmed by your car dealer. A quick test of your car's capability to display track titles and browse music is to see whether you can browse through MP3 files on a CD inserted into the car's single CD slot. If you can, then the BMW MP3 Retrofit is already installed in the car.

  • Brand: Dension
  • ASIN: B004DE3ZEC
Dice Ipod Interface - Dension UPB1000 USB Power Booster
Dension UPB1000 USB Power

Dice Ipod Interface

Short review Dension UPB1000. Optional accessory for the Dension Gateway 300/500 devices to provide increased current up to 1 A for USB hard disc drives. Description: UPB1000 USB Power Booster is an optional accessory for the Dension Gateway 300/500 devices to provide increased current up to 1 A for USB hard disc drives which require high power. USB plug of the UPB1000 should be connected to USB socket of the Gateway 300/500, while the flying red wire of the USB Power Booster - connected to 12 V power line of the head unit; use the attached 3M ScotchLock for easy and secure connection.

  • Brand: Dension
  • ASIN: B0050H42P2

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