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Hai Home Automation

Hai Home Automation - HAI PC Access Software for Dealers
HAI PC Access Software for

Hai Home Automation

PC Access allows the user to set up, program, and monitor an HAI home control system. It allows fast and convenient set up of all names, voice, automation programs, security codes, room assignments, and all other configuration items.The status page shows all system components, including door and window sensors, lights, appliances, thermostats, expanders, audio, and more, and the programming is quick and logical. Set up actions to occur when certain triggers occur. For example, porch light to turns on automatically when the front door is opened and the time is after the sun has set.Code once and use it in another project. Cut/copy/paste groups of programs between files, and a search feature to find a particular group of programs in the program list.PC Access stores the complete setup of the home control system on the computer's hard disk drive for backup purposes.PC Access runs on Windows-based computers and can be connected to the HAI controller directly via RS-232 serial port or remotely, using the home control system's Ethernet port or a computer modem.

  • Color: BLACK
  • Brand: Home Automation
  • ASIN: B0002M5OXY
  • UPC: 872257000085

Hai Home Automation

Latest Omni IIe EPROM chip upgrade with installation instructions. Install the upgrade chip and keep your existing Omni IIe up-to-date with the latest technology HAI offers. This upgrade chip will bring your system up-to-date with any changes made and any new features added to the controller.

  • Brand: Home Automation
  • ASIN: B0014IV02E
  • UPC: 872257002898
Hai Home Automation - Leviton 20A00-21 OmniPro II, Board Only
Leviton 20A00-21 OmniPro II, Board

Hai Home Automation

The OmniPro II is Leviton's flagship comprehensive security & automation control system. Boasting the largest feature set, it can control the maximum number of devices and is designed to provide security and automation for large residences and small commercial installations such as restaurants, offices, and franchise locations. In addition to connections for security devices, thermostats, light switches, surveillance cameras, telephone and backup battery, the OmniPro II features five built-in serial ports for connection to third party control devices for irrigation, telecom, A/V, and window covering controls. Omni controllers can detect intrusion, smoke and fire, carbonmonoxide, water, vehicles, motion, and other hazards with wired or wireless sensors. The OmniPro II is the only Omni family controller that can connect to non-Leviton distributed audio systems (the Omni IIe and Omni LTe can control Leviton's Hi-Fi 2 distributed audio systems). Foreign language versions available: Arabic (AR), Catalan (CAT), Simplified Chinese (CHS), Traditional Chinese (CHT), French (FR), German (GER), Hebrew (HE), Italian (IT), Portuguese (POR), Russian (RU), Latin American Spanish (SPA), and European Spanish (SPE)

  • Brand: Leviton
  • ASIN: B00035HBJA
  • UPC: 872257000245
Hai Home Automation - HOME AUTOMATION HAI 21A07-2 Omni LT Mounting Plate
HOME AUTOMATION HAI 21A07-2 Omni LT Mounting

Hai Home Automation


  • ASIN: B004HN1LOA
Hai Home Automation - Leviton 72A00-1 Hardwired Load Control Module
Leviton 72A00-1 Hardwired Load Control

Hai Home Automation

Hardwired device controls the power consumption of high wattage loads such as water heaters, pool pumps, baseboard heaters, ventilators, humidifiers, vent fans, circulator pumps, sign lighting, and outdoor lighting. Can control 120, 240, or 277VAC loads including 277 VAC lighting ballasts. 20 AMP Relay Module connects directly to voltage outputs on Leviton Security & Automation home controllers and expanders and includes a manual override switch. Requires 120V and neutral wires. Ideal for lighting control in small commercial environments.

  • Brand: Leviton
  • ASIN: B001GSCKB2
  • UPC: 872257004434
Hai Home Automation - HAI/Leviton Bitwise BC4 Automation Controller
HAI/Leviton Bitwise BC4 Automation

Hai Home Automation

BitWise BC4, US Power Supply, 4 IR Ports, GPIO, RS-232Control audio/video equipment from your tablet via a customizable interface, providing a perfect solution for home theaters, boardrooms, restaurants, and more. The BitWise BC2 has all the processing power of our BC1 controller, but in a mid-sized form factor. This controller is ideal when you have fewer devices to control but still require the highest level of performance. Optional Rack Ears are available for mounting into audio/video rack. The BC2 features 4 routable, attenuable IR ports, 2 RS-232, 2 general purpose input/otput relays, and 2 digital or analog signal sensors.

  • Brand: Leviton
  • UPC: 078477709962
Hai Home Automation - Leviton RC-1000WH Omnistat2 Conventional & Heat Pump Thermostat, White
Leviton RC-1000WH Omnistat2 Conventional & Heat Pump Thermostat,

Hai Home Automation

Omnistat2 thermostats are the latest generation of programmable communicating thermostats and provide precise digital temperature control over your HVAC system. Omnistat2 thermostats stand above their competition because they use advanced digital technology to learn the heating/cooling patterns of your home to control the equipment for maximum efficiency and comfort. Omnistat2 thermostats have an automatic heat/cool changeover. The Fan cycle mode periodically circulates air for comfort. The scroll wheel adjusts temperature quickly. Omnistat2 thermostats do not require batteries to retain their settings and time. They have a proximity/motion detector so that its screen lights up to one of 100 different colors when it is approached. The Omnistat2 can display outdoor temperature and humidity. It can also display HVAC usage/energy consumption by week and has a filter reminder for peak efficiency. The Omnistat2 may be used stand-alone or with a home control system. You can set back the equipment when the house is not occupied and save on your energy costs. The Omnistat2 has a built-in vacation mode feature that restores temperatures before arriving home. Omnistat2 thermostats allow you to have a different program option for every day of the week, which makes them flexible enough for h...

  • Color: White
  • Brand: Leviton
  • ASIN: B001AO3JFI
  • UPC: 115970919495
Hai Home Automation - Leviton 75A00-2 Access Control Card Reader
Leviton 75A00-2 Access Control Card

Hai Home Automation

Proximity card readers and accessories connect to a Leviton Security & Automation system for complete access control. Popular uses of Leviton Security & Automation’s access control include restricting access to outbuildings, gyms, theaters, cellars, and pools. Simplified wiring makes for efficient residential or small commercial use. Everything between the controller and the readers–including power–goes over a single four-conductor or CAT-5 cable. Each card is attached to a user code in the Leviton Omni or Lumina automation controller which can be managed with specific privileges. For instance, users can be granted privileges based on time and date, and access can be restricted to specific readers. Each swipe can perform as many actions as desired and these results can be customized by time of day, arming condition, or any other event the Leviton Security & Automation control system is monitoring, including lighting, temperature, video surveillance, and audio. 125 KHz high security, digitally encrypted, 26-Bit proximity card reader connects to a serial port on a Leviton Omni or Lumina Control System. The reader has durable and scratch resistant polycarbonate housing. Full epoxy potting ensures successful operation even in harsh environments. The 75A00-2 can be mounted to me...

  • Brand: Leviton
  • UPC: 785577333767
Hai Home Automation - Leviton 93A00-1 Leviton Security & Automation Serial Server
Leviton 93A00-1 Leviton Security & Automation Serial

Hai Home Automation

RS232/RS485 to TCP/IP converter integrated with a robust system and network management features designed for serial equipment to be accessed and controlled via Intranet or Internet

  • Brand: Leviton
  • ASIN: B004KNP5VM
  • UPC: 872257006308

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