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Irish Game

Irish Game - Luck O' The Dice - Family Card and Dice Game
Luck O' The Dice - Family Card and Dice

Irish Game

Luck O' The Dice is a game of dice, cards, and coins for 2-4 players (ages 7+). The object is to accumulate the most coins by completing dice cards, rolling Pot O' Gold combos, and stealing coins from other players. Each turn consists of three steps: Leprechaun Play, Dice Play, and "Press Your Luck." During Leprechaun Play, players interact with their opponents by playing one of seven leprechaun cards: Subtracter, Snatcher, Sharer, Stealer, Skipper, Slicer, and Staller. As the names suggest, these cards allow players to impede their opponents' progress as well as speed their own. During Dice Play, players roll their dice up to two times to complete combinations found on the dice cards in their hands. Pot O' Gold rolls are combinations that require all six dice to complete and do not require a card. These combinations are worth the most coins. Press Your Luck is an optional step that allows a player to roll a third time. The game ends as soon as a player completes five dice cards. The player with the most coins at the end of the game wins.

  • Brand: Luck O' The Dice
  • ASIN: B00W8I0HMI
  • UPC: 748252091666
Irish Game - The Irish Game: A True Story of Crime and Art
The Irish Game: A True Story of Crime and

Irish Game

In the annals of art theft, no case has matched―for sheer criminal panache―the heist at Ireland's Russborough House in 1986. The Irish police knew right away that the mastermind was a Dublin gangster named Martin Cahill. Yet the great plunder ―including a Gainsborough, a Goya, two Rubenses, and a Vermeer― remained at large for years. Cahill taunted the police with a string of other crimes, but in the end it was the paintings that brought him low. The challenge of disposing of such famous works forced him to reach outside his familiar world into the international arena, and when he did, his pursuers were waiting.The movie-perfect sting that broke Cahill uncovered an astonishing maze of banking and drug-dealing connections that redefined the way police view art theft. As if that were not enough, the recovery of the Vermeer―by then worth $200 million―led to a remarkable discovery about the way Vermeer achieved his photographic perspective.The Irish Game places the great theft in Ireland's long sad history of violence and follows the thread that led, as a direct result of Cahill's desperate adventures with the Russborough art, to his assassination by the IRA. With the storytelling skill of a novelist and the instincts of a detective, Matthew Hart follows the twists and tu...

  • Brand: Brand: Walker n Company
  • ASIN: 0802714269
Irish Game - Destination Ireland! 10th Anniversary Edition Board Game
Destination Ireland! 10th Anniversary Edition Board

Irish Game

Destination - Ireland! 10th Anniversary Edition DESTINATION is the Award Winning, fast moving Taxi game that will take you on a journey through the streets of Ireland in your very own cab! As the driver you will visit famous destinations, collecting fares and trying to avoid the traffic lights. The aim of the game is to be the player who has earned the most money at the end of the shift - if you can survive the shift! Starting from the Taxi Rank you must plan your route around Ireland without running out of fuel or losing your licence! Will you upgrade to a Turbo Taxi and race to your Destinations in half the time or will you need a Log Book Loan to bail you out if you run out of cash? You must watch other players' moves carefully: if they land on one of your Destinations you can knock them back to the Taxi Rank and make THEM pay you the fare! If you are the player to bring the game to a close you get a £250 bonus! But did you win? The ultimate winner is the player with the highest earnings. Good Luck - Enjoy the 10th Anniversary Edition! Players: 2 - 6 Recommended for Ages 8+

  • Brand: Destination
  • ASIN: B01129IOH8
Irish Game - Heading Home: Book 3 of the Irish End Games (The Irish End Game Series)
Heading Home: Book 3 of the Irish End Games (The Irish End Game

Irish Game

What happens when the one thing you’ve been praying for turns out to be the one thing that will destroy you and everything you love?After two years of living and adjusting to life after the bomb, Sarah and her son John have discovered that happiness can trump grief and loss. Together they’ve created a life of fellowship and hard work, pride of self and community, good friendships and, for Sarah, love. But the moment a messenger comes to the camp with the news that the United States government is gathering up all of its stranded nationals to help them get home, is the moment their world begins to crumble.Who could guess that the one thing they’d prayed so fervently for would be the very thing that would destroy everything they’ve worked so hard to build?

Irish Game - The Irish Rhyming Game
The Irish Rhyming Game

Irish Game

Rhyme before the time expires, be the first around the board and you win.

  • ASIN: B004TB0LT6
  • UPC: 851464001009
Irish Game - Going Gone: Book 2 of the Irish End Games
Going Gone: Book 2 of the Irish End

Irish Game

In Going Gone, Book 2 of the dystopian series, The Irish End Game, tragedy strikes the three Americans where they live in Ireland. Sarah Woodson is brutally taken across the Irish Sea to the pastoral beauty of England’s Cotswold’s and discovers the horrors of a post-apocalyptic sex slave trade.Determined to escape her captors—including a monster who’s vowed never to let her leave England alive—and to survive the impossible journey of a thousand miles through the harsh Welsh wilderness, Sarah uses every resource she has to find her way home again. Going Gone is an adventure tale of heart-stopping proportion showing the resiliency of the human spirit and the unfathomable depths of a mother’s love.

  • ASIN: B00FR2UU4W
Irish Game - Rising Tides: Book 5 of the Irish End Games
Rising Tides: Book 5 of the Irish End

Irish Game

The tides are definitely rising in Book 5 of the Irish End Games. This is the story of two desperate journeys to find lost loved ones culminating in a shocking discovery—one with the power to destroy all of Europe. Mike and Sarah, searching for both John and Gavin in every bungalow and hillock in Ireland in the midst of a mysterious world plague, instead find the stuff of every parent’s nightmares.

  • ASIN: B00S9X6FKE
Irish Game - Free Falling: Book 1 of the Irish End Games
Free Falling: Book 1 of the Irish End

Irish Game

A fun family vacation turns into an apocalyptic nightmare when a couple and their young son find themselves trapped in the Irish countryside during an international crisis. With all contact outside the country gone, all electricity and all non horse-powered vehicles useless and desperate bands of outlaws roaming the Emerald Isle, the time has come for one soft American family to reach deep within for the reserve of brains and courage to survive.

Irish Game - Blind Sided: Book 4 of the Irish End Games
Blind Sided: Book 4 of the Irish End

Irish Game

When the world comes crashing down around you, it’s important to believe in something…After four years of living in a post-apocalyptic world, one thing Mike and Sarah know is that nothing ever stays the same. Just when life had begun to settle down—and all their immediate needs met—a threat comes at them from a totally unexpected source. Not England or roaming bands of thugs, not the US or even the Middle East. This time it’s the land itself—the very bushes and trees of Ireland--that they’ll have to protect themselves from.

  • ASIN: B00RO4F93S

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