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Nature Trivia

Nature Trivia - 627 Challenging Science & Nature Trivia Questions
627 Challenging Science & Nature Trivia

Nature Trivia

What measurement of pressure is defined as the pressure exerted by one Newton acting on an area of one square meter? What atom is diamond, buckyball and graphite allotropes of? What metallic, lustrous mineral earned the nickname "fool's gold?" In the second law of thermodynamics, what tends to increase over time? The 15 chemical elements that are between actinium (89) and lawrencium (103) are called what? Find out the answers to all these questions inside!

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Nature Trivia - Orphan Black Trivia: Nature Nurture
Orphan Black Trivia: Nature

Nature Trivia

Get ready for one of the best thrill-ride trivia experience of your life. Orphan Black Trivia: Nature Nurture is based on the BBC America television thriller TV hit series Orphan Black. In this book you’ll have one electrifying self-aware fun time! Whether you’re in Clone Club, Neolution, or Topside, there’s only one way to get to the bottom of all this: “Go back to the beginning.” Relive conversations between your favorite characters such as: Delphine Cormier and Cosima Niehaus, Sarah Manning and Felix Dawkins, Helena and Art Bell, Alison and Donnie Hendrix and more! Not only that, in the paperback book, you also have word search puzzles of characters and their affiliates such as: the Dyad Institute, Project LEDA Clones, and Neolution. We also added cutout games and much, much more!If you follow the crazy science in this book, you’ll find questions such as: • Why didn’t Sarah know Beth was a cop before Art took her to the police department? • Who is 324B21? • What was the first name Sarah gave to Helena? • Over 300 questions • Multiple Choice • Fill in the blank • True or False • Answers and References • You even get to relive full conversations between characters! IT’S ONE FAST PACE AND EXHILARATION ORPHAN BLACK RIDE!!!

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Nature Trivia - National Geographic Kids Why?: Over 1,111 Answers to Everything
National Geographic Kids Why?: Over 1,111 Answers to

Nature Trivia

The concept is simple. Got a question? Well now you have an answer! 1,111 of them, in fact. Want to know why your snot is yellow? Flip to the human body chapter. What's on the inside of a turtle shell? The animal section's got you covered. What's in the deepest part of the ocean? Why doesn't Earth just float off into space? Check, check, and check. With hundreds of topics ranging from silly to serious, we've got the expert information you need in a fun and entertaining format that will keep kids digging for answers. Answers include all kinds of fascinating extra info like top ten lists, weird-but-true facts, explorer profiles, and cool activities. Now, go stump your parents!

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Nature Trivia - Facts for Kids: 1,000 Amazing, Strange, and Funny Facts and Trivia about Animals, Nature, Space, Science, Insects, Dinosaurs, and more!
Facts for Kids: 1,000 Amazing, Strange, and Funny Facts and Trivia about Animals, Nature, Space, Science, Insects, Dinosaurs, and

Nature Trivia

Exciting and information-packed, Facts for Kids explodes with 1,000 interesting and funny facts on entertaining topics that kids love. Loaded with fun and knowledge this book is the perfect gift for any young adventure seeker. Studies show kids who read more books do better in school. Get them interested in science, nature, math, engineering, space, dinosaurs, technology, and more! Order now.

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Nature Trivia - Nature Trivia Mazes (Dover Children's Activity Books)
Nature Trivia Mazes (Dover Children's Activity

Nature Trivia

Everyone knows that the cheetah is the world's fastest animal — but what's the second fastest? How do giraffes clean their ears? What color are flamingos at birth, and how many eyelids do camels have?Find your way to the answers to these and other intriguing questions about animals and plants in this unique book of 35 challenging mazes. Don't worry about getting stranded in the jungle or the desert — solutions appear at the end!

  • Brand: Dover
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Nature Trivia - Plight of the Living Dead: What Real-Life Zombies Reveal About Our World--and Ourselves
Plight of the Living Dead: What Real-Life Zombies Reveal About Our World--and

Nature Trivia

A brain-bending exploration of real-life zombies and mind controllers, and what they reveal to us about nature—and ourselves Zombieism isn’t just the stuff of movies and TV shows like The Walking Dead. It’s real, and it’s happening in the world around us, from wasps and worms to dogs and moose—and even humans. In Plight of the Living Dead, science journalist Matt Simon documents his journey through the bizarre evolutionary history of mind control. Along the way, he visits a lab where scientists infect ants with zombifying fungi, joins the search for kamikaze crickets in the hills of New Mexico, and travels to Israel to meet the wasp that stings cockroaches in the brain before leading them to their doom. Nothing Hollywood dreams up can match the brilliant, horrific zombies that natural selection has produced time and time again. Plight of the Living Dead is a surreal dive into a world that would be totally unbelievable if very smart scientists didn’t happen to be proving it’s real, and most troublingly—or maybe intriguingly—of all: how even we humans are affected.“Fantastic . . . You'll be thinking about this book long after you're done reading it.” —Kelly Weinersmith, New York Times bestselling coauthor of Soonish

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Nature Trivia - 365 Cats Page-A-Day Calendar 2019
365 Cats Page-A-Day Calendar

Nature Trivia

It’s our #1 calendar overall and the all-time bestselling cat calendar. Packed with full-color photographs to feed the cat lover’s obsession, 365 CATS belongs on every feline fanatic’s desktop. Here are the winners of this year’s Cat Calendar Contest in all their frisky and adorable glory. A graceful, blue-eyed Tonkinese with a captivating stare. A cheerful kitty befriending a stuffed animal. An elegant tabby princess wearing an adorable tiara. Plus sweet rescues, rare breeds, oodles of adorable kittens, and cat-lover quotes: One cat just leads to another.—Ernest Hemingway.

  • Color: Multicolor
  • Brand: Workman Publishing
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Nature Trivia - Nature is the Worst: 500 reasons you'll never want to go outside again
Nature is the Worst: 500 reasons you'll never want to go outside

Nature Trivia

500 of the most absurd and horrifying things that happen in nature!   Crashing waves, stunning sunsets, sprawling landscapes. Nature is beautiful, right? Wrong. Nature Is the Worst. Need proof?The giant pitcher plant not only eats bugs, it's large enough to trap small mammals.Almost 90 percent of the koala population in Australia has chlamydia.A hailstorm in Bangladesh in 1986 killed 92 people with giant balls of ice weighing more than 2 pounds apiece.Crocodiles can climb trees.The poisonous Dracunculus vulgaris, or voodoo lily, smells like rotting flesh, looks like it's splattered in blood, and features a central black spike that can grow up to 4 feet tall.Cats often kill their first litter.A "haboob" is a biblically-huge wall of dust that can reduce visibility to zero, reach a height of 5,000 feet and stretch as far as 100 miles wide.Vampire bats are totally real, and yes, they love blood.Nature Is the Worst contains hundreds of cringe-worthy, shocking facts you never knew about nature that prove the world is a terrifying--and sometimes very strange--place.

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Nature Trivia - Bird Trivia: Funny, Strange and Incredible Facts about North American Birds
Bird Trivia: Funny, Strange and Incredible Facts about North American

Nature Trivia

Everything you didn’t know that you wanted to know about birds Birds are some of the most beautiful and graceful animals on the planet. It’s truly a wonder to observe their fascinating behaviors. Yet even the most seasoned bird watcher doesn’t know everything about our feathered friends. Acclaimed naturalist and wildlife photographer Stan Tekiela has taken a deep dive into the magnificent world of birds―and he has compiled some of the most incredible, outrageous, unbelievable facts you’ll ever read. Why do some birds like to cover themselves with ants? Which birds can mimic the sounds of humans? Paired with Stan’s famous bird photography, the information provided in Bird Trivia provides hours of enjoyment and is worthy of sharing with friends and family. Give the book as a gift, or keep it for yourself. You’ll sound like a birding expert within minutes!

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