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Oil Futures

Oil Futures - Trading in Oil Futures and Options, Second Edition
Trading in Oil Futures and Options, Second

Oil Futures

Trading in oil futures and options is an introduction to price risk management in the worldwide oil industry. With numerous practical examples, it requires no prior knowledge and should be read by everyone involved in the industry.Although aimed primarily at those new to risk management it will also provide a useful theoretical background to more experienced managers and it will show those in other markets how the oil industry uses futures and other derivatives.This book concentrates on all the risk management tools available to everyone from crude oil producer to refined product consumer and explains the theory of futures, exchange options and over the counter trading.

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Oil Futures - Crude Volatility: The History and the Future of Boom-Bust Oil Prices (Center on Global Energy Policy Series)
Crude Volatility: The History and the Future of Boom-Bust Oil Prices (Center on Global Energy Policy

Oil Futures

As OPEC has loosened its grip over the past ten years, the oil market has been rocked by wild price swings, the likes of which haven't been seen for eight decades. Crafting an engrossing journey from the gushing Pennsylvania oil fields of the 1860s to today's fraught and fractious Middle East, Crude Volatility explains how past periods of stability and volatility in oil prices help us understand the new boom-bust era. Oil's notorious volatility has always been considered a scourge afflicting not only the oil industry but also the broader economy and geopolitical landscape; Robert McNally makes sense of how oil became so central to our world and why it is subject to such extreme price fluctuations.Tracing a history marked by conflict, intrigue, and extreme uncertainty, McNally shows how—even from the oil industry's first years—wild and harmful price volatility prompted industry leaders and officials to undertake extraordinary efforts to stabilize oil prices by controlling production. Herculean market interventions—first, by Rockefeller's Standard Oil, then, by U.S. state regulators in partnership with major international oil companies, and, finally, by OPEC—succeeded to varying degrees in taming the beast. McNally, a veteran oil market and policy expert, explains the conse...

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Oil Futures - How to Trade Crude Oil Futures
How to Trade Crude Oil

Oil Futures

It has been mathematically proven that the prices of commodities in the futures markets are unpredictable, which means there is no point to trading. There is only one situation in these markets that has a degree of predictability. This book explains this situation as it occurs in oil and gold and describes how to trade it. The trading method that is provided can be back- and forward-tested with historical data and second- and minute- charts.

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Oil Futures - Tar Sands: Dirty Oil and the Future of a Continent, Revised and Updated Edition
Tar Sands: Dirty Oil and the Future of a Continent, Revised and Updated

Oil Futures

Tar Sands critically examines the frenzied development in the Canadian tar sands and the far-reaching implications for all of North America. Bitumen, the sticky stuff that ancients used to glue the Tower of Babel together, is the world’s most expensive hydrocarbon. This difficult-to-find resource has made Canada the number-one supplier of oil to the United States, and every major oil company now owns a lease in the Alberta tar sands. The region has become a global Deadwood, complete with rapturous engineers, cut-throat cocaine dealers, Muslim extremists, and a huge population of homeless individuals. In this award-winning book, a Canadian bestseller, journalist Andrew Nikiforuk exposes the disastrous environmental, social, and political costs of the tar sands, arguing forcefully for change. This updated edition includes new chapters on the most energy-inefficient tar sands projects (the steam plants), as well as new material on the controversial carbon cemeteries and nuclear proposals to accelerate bitumen production.

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Oil Futures - Crude Oil Trading: Your Complete, Step-by-Step Guide to Crude Oil Trading
Crude Oil Trading: Your Complete, Step-by-Step Guide to Crude Oil

Oil Futures

From Crude Oil Stocks To Crude Oil Futures— Discover Step-By-Step How To Trade Crude OilThis Book Is The Ultimate Guide To Crude Oil TradingIn this book, you’ll learn how the crude oil market works and how crude oil differs from other commodities. You’ll learn about the key factors that drive the price of crude oil. And you’ll be taken—step-by-step—through several ways to trade crude oil including buying crude oil stocks, crude oil options, and crude oil futures.Here are some of the specifics you'll learn...- How the crude oil market works and how the price of crude oil has a great deal of influence over the global economy-- Chapter 1- The 7 key factors that drive the price of crude oil-- And how to use them to your advantage-- Chapter 2- Why the enormous global trading volume of crude oil offers an opportunity for significant profits-- Chapter 2- How investing in crude oil stocks can protect you from the risk of the very volatile crude oil market-- Chapter 3- Step-by-step how to setup a brokerage account and start trading crude oil futures-- Chapter 4- The concept of a "margin account"-- What it is and how it allows you to make massive crude oil trades with only a small amount of money-- Chapter 5- A rapid-fire list of tips, techniques and pitfalls to avoid when trad...

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Oil Futures - Fundamentals, Speculation, and the Pricing of Crude Oil Futures
Fundamentals, Speculation, and the Pricing of Crude Oil

Oil Futures

Master's Thesis from the year 2011 in the subject Economics - Finance, grade: 8,0, Maastricht University (School of Business and Economics), language: English, abstract: This study finds that while a large part of the variation in crude oil futures prices is driven by fundamental factors, financial investment and speculation has the potential to aggravate reactions to changing fundamental variables and furthermore move prices on its own. The evidence is gathered by performing linear regressions and Granger Causality tests on futures returns, position data of different categories of futures traders on the New York Mercantile Exchange and proxies for relevant fundamental factors such as equity and exchange rate returns gathered from August 2006 to December 2010. While higher prices for crude oil naturally come along with increasing physical demand and finite world supply, future regulation might temper market volatility and guarantee that prices reflect a sustainable physical market equilibrium. The study also gives an overview of commodity market regulation and position limits on futures markets.

Oil Futures - The Future of Oil
The Future of Oil

Oil Futures

Unless we are able to increase the global oil supply, we face a bleak future of depleting reserves and high energy prices. Since conventional oil reserves are dwindling, we have no alternative but to increasingly rely on unconventional oil, and for political, economic, and environmental reasons, the Canadian oil sands offer the very best unconventional oil we can get. Never before has a book offered an insider s view of this controversial industry. The Future of Oil objectively considers economic necessity and the nature of current technological limitations to arrive at a series of connected and inescapable conclusions. The transition to an age of cleaner energy production is necessary and inevitable, but we cannot yet live without oil. Oil must have a future, or we do not have one, and the oil sands of Canada are the centrepiece of that future. The Future of Oil is a clear, concise, yet complete guide to the Canadian oil sands industry, covering history, the environment, technology, and ethics. It addresses all the main objections to oil sands development that have been posed by journalists, environmentalists, First Nations leaders, and others. The author does not sugarcoat the hard facts, but objectively presents the arguments of oil sands critics and proponents alike. As a res...

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Oil Futures - Positioning Analysis in Commodity Markets: Bridging Fundamental and Technical Analysis
Positioning Analysis in Commodity Markets: Bridging Fundamental and Technical

Oil Futures

"Positioning Analysis" as an area of research that provides a powerful framework to better understand price dynamics, risk, sentiment and behaviour in commodity markets.Based on standard positioning data and bridging aspects of fundamental and technical analysis, the approach builds on how certain types of positioning patterns, in the context of changes in variables like price, curve structure, fundamentals such as inventory, seasonal factors, exchange rates, changes in the broader macroeconomic environment and the levels of risk and uncertainty in the market, can be used to develop models, indicators and analyses. These lead to the generation of robust trading signals, that can be either used directly, or integrated into a variety of different trading, investment and risk management programs to enhance performance. Positioning data shows us who is trading what, and how much they are trading; Positioning analysis shows us what can happen when they trade too much, and how changes in specific variables affect positioning and impact price...

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Oil Futures - Crude Oil Trading Strategies: Master the Futures Market like a Pro
Crude Oil Trading Strategies: Master the Futures Market like a

Oil Futures

Traders, I have more than 5 years of experience trading the futures market. In these years, I have developed a trading system that i have used consistently for the last 3 years. I have back tested the futures market the last 2 years making sure it was up to date with current market. My system has a 85% success rate. My trading system is perfect for day traders looking to profit the market. My System: 85% Success Rate 2 years of back testing Easy to learn system in 1 day Special numbers and trading setup to maximize your profit High probability setup A great way to make a living Platform Trade Station compatible Ninja Trader compatible Think and Swim compatible Fire tip compatible Works on all brokers platform

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Oil Futures

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