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Rf Integrated Circuit Design

Rf Integrated Circuit Design - The Design of CMOS Radio-Frequency Integrated Circuits, Second Edition
The Design of CMOS Radio-Frequency Integrated Circuits, Second

Rf Integrated Circuit Design

This expanded and thoroughly revised edition of Thomas H. Lee's acclaimed guide to the design of gigahertz RF integrated circuits features a completely new chapter on the principles of wireless systems. The chapters on low-noise amplifiers, oscillators and phase noise have been significantly expanded as well. The chapter on architectures now contains several examples of complete chip designs that bring together all the various theoretical and practical elements involved in producing a prototype chip. First Edition Hb (1998): 0-521-63061-4 First Edition Pb (1998); 0-521-63922-0

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Rf Integrated Circuit Design - Design of CMOS RF Integrated Circuits and Systems
Design of CMOS RF Integrated Circuits and

Rf Integrated Circuit Design

This book provides the most comprehensive and in-depth coverage of the latest circuit design developments in RF CMOS technology. It is a practical and cutting-edge guide, packed with proven circuit techniques and innovative design methodologies for solving challenging problems associated with RF integrated circuits and systems. This invaluable resource features a collection of the finest design practices that may soon drive the system-on-chip revolution. Using this book’s state-of-the-art design techniques, one can apply existing technologies in novel ways and to create new circuit designs for the future.

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Rf Integrated Circuit Design - RF Front-End: World Class Designs
RF Front-End: World Class

Rf Integrated Circuit Design

All the design and development inspiration and direction a harware engineer needs in one blockbuster book! Janine Love site editor for RF Design Line,columnist, and author has selected the very best RF design material from the Newnes portfolio and has compiled it into this volume. The result is a book covering the gamut of RF front end design from antenna and filter design fundamentals to optimized layout techniques with a strong pragmatic emphasis. In addition to specific design techniques and practices, this book also discusses various approaches to solving RF front end design problems and how to successfully apply theory to actual design tasks. The material has been selected for its timelessness as well as for its relevance to contemporary RF front end design issues.Contents:Chapter 1 Radio waves and propagationChapter 2 RF Front End DesignChapter 3 Radio Transmission FundamentalsChapter 4 Advanced ArchitecturesChapter 5 RF Power AmplifiersChapter 6 RF AmplifiersCHAPTER 7 Basics of PA DesignChapter 8 Power AmplifiersChapter 9 RF/IF CircuitsChapter 10 FiltersChapter 11 Transmission Lines and PCBs as FiltersChapter 12 Tuning and MatchingChapter 13 Impedance MatchingChapter 14 RF Power Linearization Techniques *Hand-picked content selected by Janine Love, RF DesignLine site edito...

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Rf Integrated Circuit Design - RF Microelectronics (2nd Edition) (Prentice Hall Communications Engineering and Emerging Technologies Series from Ted Rappaport)
RF Microelectronics (2nd Edition) (Prentice Hall Communications Engineering and Emerging Technologies Series from Ted

Rf Integrated Circuit Design

The Acclaimed RF Microelectronics Best-Seller, Expanded and Updated for the Newest Architectures, Circuits, and Devices   Wireless communication has become almost as ubiquitous as electricity, but RF design continues to challenge engineers and researchers. In the 15 years since the first edition of this classic text, the demand for higher performance has led to an explosive growth of RF design techniques. In RF Microelectronics, Second Edition, Behzad Razavi systematically teaches the fundamentals as well as the state-of-the-art developments in the analysis and design of RF circuits and transceivers.   Razavi has written the second edition to reflect today’s RF microelectronics, covering key topics in far greater detail. At nearly three times the length of the first edition, the second edition is an indispensable tome for both students and practicing engineers. With his lucid prose, Razavi now Offers a stronger tutorial focus along with hundreds of examples and problems Teaches design as well as analysis with the aid of step-by-step design procedures and a chapter dedicated to the design of a dual-band WiFi transceiver Describes new design paradigms and analysis techniques for circuits such as low-noise amplifiers, mixers, oscillators, and frequency dividers  T...

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Rf Integrated Circuit Design - RF Systems, Components, and Circuits Handbook, Second Edition
RF Systems, Components, and Circuits Handbook, Second

Rf Integrated Circuit Design

This extensively revised and updated edition of the 1997 Artech House classic, RF Systems. Components, and Circuits Handbook, offers professionals a comprehensive, one-stop resource on the latest developments, key technologies, and applications of radio frequency (RF) engineering. Among the numerous updates, the second edition includes brand new chapters on GPS (the global positioning system), and an expanded treatment of wireless communications systems. This valuable reference tool helps high-tech and non-tech professionals alike gain a solid, broad understanding of the many types of RF systems and equipment in use today. Clearly written and concise, the book is organized into two sections. Part One provides an easy-to-follow introduction to a wide variety of RF systems including telephone, radar, navigation, and more. Part Two identifies and examines various RF circuits and components.

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Rf Integrated Circuit Design - Optoelectronic Integrated Circuit Design and Device Modeling
Optoelectronic Integrated Circuit Design and Device

Rf Integrated Circuit Design

In Optoelectronic Integrated Circuit Design and DeviceModeling, Professor Jianjun Gao introduces the fundamentals andmodeling techniques of optoelectronic devices used in high-speedoptical transmission systems. Gao covers electronic circuitelements such as FET, HBT, MOSFET, as well as design techniques foradvanced optical transmitter and receiver front-end circuits. Thebook includes an overview of optical communication systems andcomputer-aided optoelectronic IC design before going over the basicconcept of laser diodes. This is followed by modeling and parameterextraction techniques of lasers and photodiodes. Gao covershigh-speed electronic semiconductor devices, optical transmitterdesign, and optical receiver design in the final three chapters. Addresses a gap within the rapidly growing area of transmitterand receiver modeling in OEICsExplains diode physics before device modeling, helping readersunderstand their equivalent circuit modelsProvides comprehensive explanations for E/O and O/E conversionsdone with laser and photodiodesCovers an extensive range of devices for high-speedapplicationsAccessible for students new to microwavesPresentation slides available for instructor useThis book is primarily aimed at practicing engineers,researchers, and post-graduates in the areas of R...

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Rf Integrated Circuit Design - Wireless Communication Electronics: Introduction to RF Circuits and Design Techniques
Wireless Communication Electronics: Introduction to RF Circuits and Design

Rf Integrated Circuit Design

This book is intended for senior undergraduate and graduate students as well as practicing engineers who are involved in design and analysis of radio frequency (RF) circuits.  Detailed tutorials are included on all major topics required to understand fundamental principles behind both the main sub-circuits required to design an RF transceiver and the whole communication system. Starting with review of fundamental principles in electromagnetic (EM) transmission and signal propagation, through detailed practical analysis of RF amplifier, mixer, modulator, demodulator, and oscillator circuit topologies, all the way to the system communication theory behind the RF transceiver operation, this book systematically covers all relevant aspects in a way that is suitable for a single semester university level course.

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Rf Integrated Circuit Design - RFIC and MMIC Design and Technology (Materials, Circuits and Devices)
RFIC and MMIC Design and Technology (Materials, Circuits and

Rf Integrated Circuit Design

RFIC and MMIC technology provides the core components for many microwave and millimetre-wave communications, radar and sensing systems. Recent years have seen exciting developments, such as circuits operating to over 200 GHz, millimetre-wave micromachined antenna arrays and microelectromechanical systems (MEMS). At the same time, the rapid growth of wireless communications in the 1 to 6 GHz range has seen a dramatic shift towards advanced silicon technology. It is timely, therefore, to introduce this fully up-to-date second edition of a world-renowned standard text. With over 1000 references and 350 figures, the book gives an in-depth account of GaAs, InP, Si and SiGe technologies and describes all the key techniques for the design of amplifiers, oscillators, mixers, switches, variable attenuators, phase shifters, integrated antennas and complete monolithic transceivers. It is essential reading as both a tutorial guide for those new to RFIC and MMIC design and as a circuit design handbook for experienced engineers.

  • ASIN: 0852967861
Rf Integrated Circuit Design - Analog Circuit Design: RF Analog-to-Digital Converters; Sensor and Actuator Interfaces; Low-Noise Oscillators, PLLs and Synthesizers
Analog Circuit Design: RF Analog-to-Digital Converters; Sensor and Actuator Interfaces; Low-Noise Oscillators, PLLs and

Rf Integrated Circuit Design

This volume of Analog Circuit Design concentrates on three topics: RF Analog-to-Digital Converters; Sensor and Actuator Interfaces; Low-Noise Oscillators, PLLs and Synthesizers. The book comprises six papers on each topic written by internationally recognised experts. These papers are tutorial in nature and together make a substantial contribution to improving the design of analog circuits. The book is divided into three parts: Part I, RF Analog-to-Digital Converters, the application of digital techniques to process analog modulated rf signals in radio receivers requires high linearity and high-resolution analog-to-digital converters. In portable applications these converters must have an extremely low-power consumption to allow a long standby time. In low-cost signal processing applications these converters are combined with a digital signal processing system onto a single chip. Today digital signal processing systems use advanced CMOS technologies requiring the analog-to-digital converter to be implemented in the same (digital) technology. Such an implementation requires special circuit techniques. Furthermore the susceptibility of converters to ground bounce or digital noise is an important design criterion. In this part different converters and conversion techniques are descr...

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