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Umbrella Plant

Umbrella Plant - Umbrella Palm Plant - Rooted (not seeds) - Cyperus Alternifolius, Papyrus
Umbrella Palm Plant - Rooted (not seeds) - Cyperus Alternifolius,

Umbrella Plant

Cyperus Papyrus, commonly known as Papyrus or Papyrus Sedge is native to Egypt. The aquatic plant grows in full sun, in wet swamps and on lake margins throughout Africa, Madagascar and the Mediterranean countries. Cyperus papyrus growth is very fast. It can grow 4 to 5 m (13 to 16 ft) high. Each stem is topped by a dense cluster of thin, bright green, thread-like stems around 10 to 30 cm (4 to 10 in) in length. It is a tropical plant that requires high humidity and relatively warm temperatures. The base of the pot should always soak in water. The plant was used in paper-making in Ancient Egypt. Hardiness zone: 9-11

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Umbrella Plant - 9GreenBox - Hawaiian Umbrella Schefflera Tree - Ceramic Pot
9GreenBox - Hawaiian Umbrella Schefflera Tree - Ceramic

Umbrella Plant

Brings good luck and fortune. Place the plant in bright, indirect light and keep evenly moist, not wet or dry. The Hawaiian Umbrella Tree also makes an excellent office plant, thriving under artificial light. Easy to grow and care for. Home grown by 9Greenbox.

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Umbrella Plant - Brussel's Bonsai DT6019ARB n/Aa Brussel's Hawaiian Umbrella Bonsai-Small-(Indoor)
Brussel's Bonsai DT6019ARB n/Aa Brussel's Hawaiian Umbrella

Umbrella Plant

Native to subtropical regions, this small robust plant is often cultivated as a rock bonsai because it develops mangrove like roots. Glossy green leaves are delicately divided and upright umbels produce orange-red to black berries. The leaves are miniature and shaped like umbrellas, which together, form a beautiful, green, and dense canopy. The trunk is relatively thin and does not branch out into a crown as some other tropical plants do and prolific root growth is interesting and very attractive. The Hawaiian Umbrella Tree comes in a dwarf version that makes a beautiful bonsai. In fact, this particular Bonsai tree is probably one of the easiest to grow and maintain, making it perfect for beginners. Each live plant is shipped with the Phytosanitary Certificate as required by the USDA.

  • Brand: Brussel's Bonsai
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Umbrella Plant - Dwarf Umbrella Tree, Schefflera Arboricola Beautiful Foliage House Live Plant
Dwarf Umbrella Tree, Schefflera Arboricola Beautiful Foliage House Live

Umbrella Plant

Your plants will come in 4" nursery pots with organic soil. What is include. One (1) Nursery Pot w/ Organic medium (soil) One (1) live Dwarf Umbrella Tree Plant

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Umbrella Plant - Golden Devil's Ivy - Pothos - Epipremnum - 4
Golden Devil's Ivy - Pothos - Epipremnum - 4" Pot - Very Easy to

Umbrella Plant

Golden pothos is a popular house plant well known for its long, trailing stems that can grow to 8 ft (2.4 m) or more. A tree-climber in its native tropical habitat, this plant has aerial roots that can be trained to climb a moss stick or trellis. It’s glossy, heart-shaped leaves emerge green and become variegated with yellow or white. Although this plant tolerates low light well, its leaves may lose their variegation. It will look its best in moderate or bright light. It makes an excellent office plant because it grows well under fluorescent lights. Place in a Well-draining potting mix. Feed every 2 weeks with houseplant fertilizer, once a month in winter.

  • Color: green & gold
  • Brand: Hirt's Gardens
  • ASIN: B0076ZJ21K
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Umbrella Plant - Schefflera Green Hedge/ShrubGreat Indoor Plant ALL Green Leaves
Schefflera Green Hedge/ShrubGreat Indoor Plant ALL Green

Umbrella Plant

This is a tropical plant that likes sandy well drained soil. It is a shrub low in height with a 10-15 feet spread. They like partial sun and shade and have a strong tolerance against drought. In colder locations they should be kept inside as a house plant. Hardy zones 9-11.

  • Color: green
  • Brand: Schefflera
  • ASIN: B00362D6EQ
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Umbrella Plant - 50 UMBRELLA PLANT CYPERUS Alternifolius Papyrus Grass Umbrella Palm Flower Seeds
50 UMBRELLA PLANT CYPERUS Alternifolius Papyrus Grass Umbrella Palm Flower

Umbrella Plant

* We have many other types of palm tree seeds & other tropical plant seeds available in our store for you! * ** FREE SHIPPING ON ANY ADDITIONAL SEEDS! PAY ONLY ONE FLAT SHIPPING FEE OF $2.50 FOR US ORDERS NO MATTER HOW MANY YOU ORDER! PLEASE VISIT MY STORE FOR OVER 800 TYPES OF FLOWER, HERB, FRUIT & VEGETABLE SEEDS!!! ** FLAT RATE SHIPPING TO CANADA AND WORLDWIDE IS JUST $3.50. Sorry, no shipments to Italy at this time. All seeds will come in a resealable plastic zip lock bag with a label featuring a picture of the flower, planting instructions, and plant specifications such as height, spacing, and light requirements for easy planting. If stored properly, seeds can last for years! All seed packets contain 100 percent true named seeds - there are no fillers or other weeds or seeds mixed in. Most have been harvested by hand and all test at an exceptionally high germination rate. Combined free shipping applies to an unlimited number of seed packets paid for together at checkout within the required payment time of 7 days after last purchase has been made. International buyers please check with your local customs office regarding regulations and allowances on plant seeds. I cannot be responsible for anything seized by customs or irratiated by your local post office. Please unde...

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Umbrella Plant - Pre Bonsai Hawaiian Umbrella Bonsai Tree - Small
Pre Bonsai Hawaiian Umbrella Bonsai Tree -

Umbrella Plant

comes in training plastic pot as shown

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  • ASIN: B00KILNY04
Umbrella Plant - Live Schefflera Arboricola in 4
Live Schefflera Arboricola in 4" Pot - Dwarf Umbrella Tree - Live Plant - FREE Care

Umbrella Plant

Schefflera Arboricola is a flowering plant in the family Araliaceae, native to Taiwan as well as Hainan. Its common name is dwarf umbrella tree, as it appears to be a smaller version of the umbrella tree. The plant prefers higher light if possible, but can adapt to a wide variety of light levels. As a tropical plant it likes moisture, but avoid letting the plant sit in water after you water it. It likes to be moist but not wet.

  • Brand: House Plant Shop
  • ASIN: B07DS3L4MD
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