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Wild Boar Hogs

Wild Boar Hogs - Cass Creek - Ergo Call - Boar Call - CC034 - Handheld Electronic Game Call - Hog Call
Cass Creek - Ergo Call - Boar Call - CC034 - Handheld Electronic Game Call - Hog

Wild Boar Hogs

Cass Creek Ergo Wild Boar Electronic Game Call is compact and has an ergonomic grip. With one a hand push button operation, this game call is easy to use. The Cass Creek Ergo Wild Boar Electronic Game Call features real live wild boar calls. The sounds are high quality and effective to ensure you call in the wild boar you want. The Ergo Wild Boar Electronic Game Call has five calls on one unit, auto interrupt feature, and a handy on /off and volume thumb dial. Operates on 3 AAA batteries (included/installed) and comes with a convenient belt clip. Calls Included: - Feeding Frenzy: Excited grunts and squeals as hogs greedily compete to feed. - Contended Feeding: Sounds of feeding hogs at newly located food source which draws others to join. - Social Grunts: Individual hogs communicate greetings within the herd. - Fighting Boar: Aggressive rival males battling for herd dominance. - Feeding Piglets: Confident sow grunts and feeding piglets signal safely luring in hogs from dense cover.

  • Color: Camo
  • Brand: Cass Creek
  • ASIN: B001V32IQO
  • UPC: 890834001034
Wild Boar Hogs - Moultrie Tusk Taker Swine Wine Liquid Wild Hog Attractant, 32 fl. oz.
Moultrie Tusk Taker Swine Wine Liquid Wild Hog Attractant, 32 fl.

Wild Boar Hogs

Nothing brings pigs to your hunting party better than Moultrie Tusk taker swine wine. With a thick, syrupy formula that penetrates deep into the soil for lasting attractant power, swine wine is effective in attracting both boars and sows of all sizes and species all year long. Simply pour it in wallows, directly on the ground or mix it with feed in shallow holes to attract feral swine to new or existing feed sites and keep them rooting for days.

  • Brand: Moultrie
  • UPC: 053695130873
Wild Boar Hogs - Elusive Wildlife Pig Oil - Wild Hog Attractant
Elusive Wildlife Pig Oil - Wild Hog

Wild Boar Hogs

Hogs have a complex hierarchical social structure that begins as young as one week old. A hog's sense of smell is among the strongest of all animals. They can smell odors 5-7 miles away and up to 25 feet underground. Needless to say, odors play a huge role in their lives and their social structure. Hogs seek out strong and dominating odors. They wallow in these strong smells to help advance their social standing. After nine independent scientific studies across three continents, Pig Oil has emerged as the most powerful hog attractant known to man. It is so strong, that hogs can smell just a few molecules of Pig Oil in over a billion molecules of air. It is simple to attract hogs, just pour Pig Oil on a tree or rubbing post near your blind or stand and attract hogs for miles. Also great as a trap lure, Pig Oil will keep hogs coming week after week. Hogs will come to rub on the application site night after night. They just can't resist the smell.

  • Brand: Elusive Wildlife
  • UPC: 815958020099
Wild Boar Hogs - Buck Hog Bomb Sweet Corn
Buck Hog Bomb Sweet Corn

Wild Boar Hogs

100% Sweet Corn Scent in an aerosol fogger that can be sprayed intermittently or locked down to fog out the entire contents. With a 3 mph breeze this scent will travel a ¼ mile attaching itself to leaves, trees, brush, etc. leaving a natural scent trail right back to The Hog Bomb can. Unequaled coverage and broadcast area, covers the hunters down wind side. Works excellent at establishing bait sites. Great all season scent. The most effective way to get scent to the hogs nose.

  • Brand: Buck Bomb
  • ASIN: B001F0GIZA
  • UPC: 180903000540
Wild Boar Hogs - Primos Hog Grunter Call
Primos Hog Grunter Call

Wild Boar Hogs

Hog grunts are made by both boars and sows. The grunts of a wild hog sound very much like those of a domestic pig. Because of the wild hog-Feets strong pack instinct and its curious nature, they will often investigate the sounds of other hogs.

  • Brand: Primos Hunting
  • ASIN: B000LC66G4
  • UPC: 891178598884
Wild Boar Hogs - Extreme Dimension Wildlife Calls - Mini Phantom Sound Stick - Boar - EDMSS718E - Interchangeable Sound Stick - Hog Call
Extreme Dimension Wildlife Calls - Mini Phantom Sound Stick - Boar - EDMSS718E - Interchangeable Sound Stick - Hog

Wild Boar Hogs

These Interchangeable Sound Sticks with Real Live Sounds Slide Easily In and Out of the Extreme Dimension Mini Phantom and Mini Remote models.

  • Brand: Extreme Dimension
  • ASIN: B00K81RWPC
  • UPC: 814543017186
Wild Boar Hogs - Hog Wild, Wild Beast Attractant
Hog Wild, Wild Beast

Wild Boar Hogs

The number one hog attractant in the world! A granular beast attractant that smells and tastes like crushed berries and molasses. Use it to attract wild boar, deer or bear. Use it to bait hog traps or just pour it into hog wallows where they will root for hours to consume every morsel. Hog Wild can be added to corn and used in feeders to attract deer.

  • Brand: Evolved Habitat
  • ASIN: B000HHM4LY
  • UPC: 786541340941
Wild Boar Hogs - Wildgame Innovations Hog Heaven
Wildgame Innovations Hog

Wild Boar Hogs

Hog Heaven 5lb bag. Most landowners, farmers and hunters have their own first-hand accounts of the damage feral hogs can cause. Everyone wants to solve this problem, but it’s a tough one to tackle. Hogs can be difficult to pattern because of their large home range, acute senses of smell and opportunistic feeding habits. That last part is where we can help: hogs are always hungry. Hog Heaven™ uses a proprietary mixture of grains and super-sweet fruit punch additive that will draw them in for miles. This powerful granular attractant will help you attract, pattern and trap hogs in your area as they fight over every last morsel of this heavenly treat. If you’re after an attractant that hogs simply can’t resist – Hog Heaven is the answer.

  • Color: brown
  • Brand: Wild Game Innovations
  • ASIN: B000UJ5T48
  • UPC: 855018000593
Wild Boar Hogs - Over-Sized Pumbaa Wild Boar Hog Pig Golf Club Head Cover
Over-Sized Pumbaa Wild Boar Hog Pig Golf Club Head

Wild Boar Hogs

Big Head Golf's custom wild boar head cover. Designed to accommodate all of the best selling shapes and sizes, including over-sized club heads.

  • Brand: Big Head Golf
  • ASIN: B00DU41T58
  • UPC: 028672141432

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